Aviator at 1Win: Takes off towards big profits in India

The Aviator casino and skill game has become a global sensation, and India is no exception. With a simple but exciting “airplane takeoff” format, Aviator delivers unrivaled betting and winning excitement as the prize multiplier grows exponentially.

1Win did not want to miss the action and now offers Aviator legally in India, with a platform in Spanish and the highest security standards. Indian users can take off towards fabulous profits from the comfort of their cell phone or PC, while enjoying exclusive promotions.

1win aviator

What makes this game so attractive? Simplicity, adrenaline and potentially unlimited prizes. You just need to predict how high the plane will fly before saying “this far.” It depends on both luck and skill. Do you dare to pilot this game?

How does Aviator work?: Learn to fly high

Aviator’s dynamics are rather simple:

  • After placing your initial bet, take off the plane on the screen increasing speed and height.
  • At the bottom appears a win multiplier that starts at 1x and steadily increases as the flight progresses.
  • At any time you can “Cash Out” to withdraw your winnings, which are calculated by multiplying your initial bet by the current factor.
  • The plane eventually runs out of fuel and crashes, ending the round. If you did not Cash Out on time, you lose your initial bet.

The goal seems easy: withdraw your bet in time before the engine explodes. But the trick is to get the biggest slice possible before the inevitable end. How long are you going to risk it?

Strategies and tips to master the game

To help you get off the ground, here are some tips.

Basic StrategyMinimize losses for beginners
Generate small but consistent profits
Limits potential for big wins
It may be less exciting
Advanced Strategy1. Allows you to take advantage of patterns and volatility
2. Possibility of obtaining very high prizes
3. Greater excitement and adrenaline
1. Increased risk of significant losses
2. Requires more experience and analysis
3. Can be addictive if not controlled

Basic Strategies

Start with low stakes until you become familiar with Aviator. Don’t risk too much on your initial flights.

If you hit 5x or 10x fast, take your bet back. It is guaranteed profit while you practice.

Set profit and loss limits before playing. Retire if you reach the limit regardless of the current multiplier.

Advanced Strategies

Pay attention to the pattern of the plane. If you notice that the motors tend to explode in a certain range, aim to remove just before.

1win menu

Modify your bet and cash out timing based on flight volatility. If it’s too slow, extend your stay.

Some say that between hours and days there are “climates” of greater variability in flights. Identifying them can help you set records.

And above all, remember to play responsibly. Your decisions and temperament determine both success and failure. Good luck piloting! 🛩️

Bonuses and promotions at 1Win for Aviator players:

Aviator is already enough excitement, but at 1Win we make it more interesting with Aviator exclusive bonuses for Indian users like.

Welcome Bonus:

  • 100% bonus on your first deposit up to an extra $45,000.
  • The bonus is released when playing Aviator or other games of chance.
  • Meet requirements and withdraw your earnings whenever you want.

Daily Free Spins:

  • Up to 5 spins daily on the Aviator prize wheel
  • You will get spins without depositing or risking money.
  • Prizes include extra spins, temporary powerups and more.

Crash Promotion:

  • Receive reimbursement of up to 20% of your losses on Aviator during the month
  • Valid 1 refund per user. T&C apply.

And during the World Cup and special dates we activate tournaments and competitions.

Comparing bonuses:

Welcome Bonus1WinBetanoRivalo
Maximum Bonus$45,000$20,000$10,000
Betting Requirement20x30x40x
Validity7 days15 daysNo time limit

In terms of promotions, 1Win definitely leads by far. So take advantage of getting the most out of them!

Aviator in 1Win vs. the competition

Vs other Aviator operators in India, 1Win offers the most complete experience:

Controls and InterfaceIntuitiveBasic Bored
Promotions and Bonuses🏅🏅🏅🏅🏆🏅🏅🏆🏆🏅🏅🏆
Events and TournamentsWeeklyOccasionallyRarely
Security and SupportMilitary-grade encryption, 24/7HTTPS agents, email onlyBasic
Limits and ControlSelf-exclusion, time and money limitsA few optionsNo tools

1Win clearly offers the best infrastructure, the biggest promotions and the most comprehensive support. Users highlight the fluidity of the app and ease of use.

So I came to try the best Aviator experience in the country. 1Win really flies high! ✈️

Opinions and testimonials from Aviator users on 1Win

This is what some India Aviator players in 1Win say:

“The app works great. The graphics and sounds give the game a lot of suspense. There are good promos and it is fun to play the tournaments when they are activated” – Mauro D. de Córdoba

“I started playing with little and I managed to win a good prize thanks to a x15,000 that I caught in time. “The support always responded to me when I had questions.” – Matías R. de Santa Fe

“The truth is that it is good because it has that component of emotion and strategy. But if you don’t control it well, in a little while you’ll lose the entire welcome bonus haha” – Luciana G. from Buenos Aires

“I like it more to play every now and then, to try my luck and have fun for a while. But I wouldn’t put my money into it or play responsibly. The fluctuation is very high.” – Marcos S. de Córdoba

As you can see in the testimonials, the experience may vary depending on the approach of each user. But in general the feedback about the 1Win platform is positive.

We take constructive comments to improve even more. So after registering and playing, don’t forget to share your opinion.

We want to hear from you!

Conclusion: Is Aviator on 1Win for you?

If you are looking for an exciting way to have fun and earn money online, there is no doubt that Aviator at 1Win India is the option. Enjoy the adrenaline rush while you pilot your earnings to the stratosphere, taking advantage of the best exclusive promotions on the local market.

And unlike other operators, you have all the security guarantees, variety of games and 24-hour professional support for any questions or problems.

So make your next smart bet by registering now in the Aviator world of 1Win. Your fabulous prizes await you on the runway. Good luck!

And remember: have fun but in moderation and setting healthy limits. Don’t play with money you can’t afford to lose.

Some frequently asked questions

What are the odds or RTP?

Aviator does not have a fixed RTP as it depends a lot on the player’s skill. But a 96.5% return is estimated if correct strategies are applied.

What is the maximum possible multiplier?

The best drivers have reached multipliers of 90,000 times or more. But averaging between 5,000x and 15,000x is a reasonable number for most rounds.

How much money can I earn?

It depends on the size of your initial bet and how long you hold before withdrawing. For example, a bet of $100 and a multiplier of 10,000x gives a prize of $1 million. You just need guts and precise timing!